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Acrylic Dentures

We offer a wide range of Acrylic dentures to suit all your patient’s needs. We can offer your patient a range of acrylic dentures:

  • Valplast Flexible
  • Injection mould acrylic
  • High impact acrylic
  • Standard acrylic

All denture work will be returned on a master model to ensure accurate fit. This will help to reduce surgery time spent fitting dentures.

We offer three different price bands of dentures to ensure we cater for all patients’ requirements.

  • 1Star - Dentures are most suitable for NHS denture work and are finished using a quality denture base.
  • 2Star - Dentures are finished with high impact acrylic and are contoured to give a natural gum effect.
  • 3Star - Dentures are contoured and stippled to give natural gum effect. They are processed with SR Ivocap Injection mould acrylic which is processed under controlled pressure to help reduces chemical shrinking acrylic to ensure an accurate fit.